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Youth and Land Asia’s Kickoff Meeting: The Future we demand “A (MORE) inclusive Land Management for Youth”

Policies, laws, procedures and decisions concerning land adequately reflect the rights, needs and aspirations of individuals and communities who will be affected by them”

CBI on Commitment 7 (Inclusive Decision Making)

As a resource base for basic human rights such as economic, social, cultural and civil and political rights, Land should not be exclusively accessed by Adult groups only. The world of the future is where youth can voice more to the access of their rights and be a group that is recognized and involved in any decision making process over their specific needs. 

On November 16, 2020, attended virtually by all partners namely: AFA (Asian Farmers’ Association for Rural Development); CDA (Community Development Association); Ekta Parishad, FNN (Farmers and Nature Net Association) and RMI (The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment) as leading platform is a kickoff meeting to launch CBI7 Program for 2020-2021 Agenda. The goal is to realize empowerment of rural youth, poverty reduction and decent rural livelihoods, and to enhance food sovereignty by ensuring rural youth inclusion in land governance toward sustainable rural development in Asia region.

Under this platform, The Youth and Land Asia will hand in hand doing collaborative program from local to regional level focusing on three strategic areas 1) Solidarity building for rural and urban youth 2) Youth preparation on position paper regarding their position and situation and 3) Increasing support from relevant stakeholders in terms of youth and land-related issues. 

“The rural-urban platform will start with both groups knowing more about the problems and challenges faced in both settings. It is a learning space for urban youth to build their critical awareness on social problems in rural areas. As for rural youth, it is an opportunity to learn on what it takes to live in an urban setting, knowledge that will be used later in important decision making processes on what their future will be (i.e.: whether to stay or leave the rural area). Both groups will also have the space to appreciate one another and build their confidence reciprocally” 

This first strategy Solidarity building for rural and urban youth” scratching from experiences of YLA’s members linking both rural-urban Youth is going to be a long journey for all to do through capacity building method while the second and third strategies will serve as the medium one. Here, Youth groups will gather to organize a consultation at the country’s level and followed by an engagement inviting their local and national rights holders as part of advocacy processes. By then, all members will finally compile all position papers gathered to be the regional one. 

Amid the unprecedented world caused by Covid19 virus, together, the Youth and Land Asia team will show the world how powerful the grassroots movement is. Creating a more and more inclusive world by giving a good example of inclusive decision making over land as its sample. An inclusive land management that its good results will affect the livelihoods of millions of people which the Government and other institutions are going to take a look at.


Writer: Novia FS

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