Skol Tamolok

  Being and Becoming Indigenous is a program that is an important for us: how various cross-sector meetings are initiated and how the involvement of all parties including the church, local government, schools, traditional leaders, women’s groups, younger generation in Mollo can be possible. We are proud to see the various spaces and opportunities that Selengkapnya tentangSkol Tamolok[…]

Local Food Experiments

  One of the creative and innovative work we have done throughout the 10 months of Being and Becoming Indigenous project in the Mollo Mountain in Timor, East Nusa Tenggara is to explore our local food potential. Together with Mollo‚Äôs indigenous youth and elders, we documented food crops and traditional recipes for processing natural produces Selengkapnya tentangLocal Food Experiments[…]

Grandma Janse

  An important issue facing indigenous communities today is the loss of customary spaces where people can gather, discuss and share their indigenous knowledge. Even formal education fails to accommodate local knowledge that is highly contextual and essential at the local level. Meanwhile, there is another problem, namely the disconnection of traditional knowledge from the Selengkapnya tentangGrandma Janse[…]

The Changes Start Here

  We think there are several things that, in our opinion, the Kasepuhan Pasir Eurih indigenous youth, become interesting experiences during our meaningful participation with Being and Becoming Indigenous program. First, the indigenous young generation has the space to get to know each other and collectively learn about their customary traditions. Second, indigenous young women Selengkapnya tentangThe Changes Start Here[…]

Women Environmental Defenders

  We have a dark history related to the practices of mining companies that destroy our nature and ecosystem, which greatly supports people’s agriculture, in addition to the fact that the areas being mined are cultural sites that have strong links to the clan system and the beliefs of Mollo Indigenous Peoples. But not many Selengkapnya tentangWomen Environmental Defenders[…]